Index of demos of applications and solutions built with Klepsydra for different use cases, including AI, cubeSats, robotics and UAVs.


KAMnet online demo: AI-based onboard geolocalization based on visual sensors


Geolocation onboard Earth Observation satellite refers to the process of determining the precise location of a target on the Earth’s surface using data acquired by sensors onboard the satellite.

Klepsydra AI – ESA OBMark-ML online demo II: The Cloud Detection DNN


Klepsydra has released an online demo for onboard cloud detection using AI algorithms.

Cloud detection is a vital process in Earth Observation that involves identifying and masking clouds in satellite imagery. It is necessary because clouds can obstruct the view of the Earth’s surface, making it challenging to interpret and analyse the data accurately.


Klepsydra AI – ESA OBMark-ML online demo I: The Coronal Mass Ejection


Klepsydra has released a new demo on AI onboard for Space applications: Klepsydra AI – ESA OBMark-ML online demo I: The CME DNN.

A CME is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the Sun’s corona into the heliosphere.

Klepsydra AI online demo


This online demo shows Klepsydra AI in action and the power of our.algorithm to process datain real time. Specifically, this demo demonstrates the pose determination of an asteroid using artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Klepsydra AI in action
  • Demo January 2021

Klepsydra SDK: Data aggregation demo


  • This demo is about data aggregation in an environment where there are many sources of data and limited computer resources.

Data encryption on GR716 powered by Klepsydra SDK


In this demo we are using the Cobham Gaisler GR716 microcontroller to run an embedded application using Klepsydra’s Implementation of Rijndael algorithm for encryption.

The demo runs on the GR716-MINI board, receiving the text to be encrypted through one of its serial interfaces, and sending back the encrypted data.