Increase hardware performance for onboard data processing in spacecrafts and cubesats

Klepsydra Technologies Fast on-board vision navigation

Fast on-board vision navigation software

In a real life autonomous UAV use case, Klepsydra Computer Vision Toolbox (KCVT) managed to:

  • Process on-board up to 8x frames per second
  • Reduced CPU consumption by 40%
  • Real-time and no data losses.
Klepsydra Technologies on-board software for satellites

On-board software for SAR satellites

  • Increase processing on-board to compress data and hence reduce downlink time.
  • Implement intelligent data analysis solution (e.g.AI-based image selection) on-board reducing data volumen for downlink.
  • Improving the power budget of the satellite
Klepsydra Technologies

Compatible with leading technology, tiny adoption cost

  • Run it in most Linux and RTOS distributions. Integrate our product with add-ons for CAN and FPGA boards.
  • Adoption and integration into existing applications with very small effort.


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