Increase hardware performance for onboard data processing in spacecrafts and cubesats

Klepsydra Software for Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) Applications


GNC software is usually designed to provide high accuracy and reliability in a wide range of applications, such as spacecraft, aircraft, and autonomous vehicles.

Using Klepsydra SDK For GNC can offer several benefits, including:

  • Increased Performance.
  • Improved Resource Utilisation.
  • Better Responsiveness.
  • Simplified Software Design.

Fast on-board vision navigation software


In a real life autonomous UAV use case, Klepsydra Computer Vision Toolbox (KCVT) managed to:

  • Process on-board up to 8x frames per second
  • Reduced CPU consumption by 40%
  • Real-time and no data losses.

On-board software for SAR satellites


  • Increase processing on-board to compress data and hence reduce downlink time.
  • Implement intelligent data analysis solution (e.g.AI-based image selection) on-board reducing data volume for downlink.
  • Improving the power budget of the satellite


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