Embedded software for autonomous vehicles

Onboard processing of large volume of sensors data


Klepsydra offers a suite of software products for self-driving cars on-board processing with three main features:

  • Much faster data processing (2x to 8x times)
  • 25%-50% less power consumption
  • Can be used on different platforms.

Real time and deterministic critical applications for autonomous vehicles


  • Process a huge amount of data that has to be processed in milliseconds.
  • Use machine learning¬†to process the data that comes from sensors

High throughput AI for autonomous navigation


  • 2x to 6x increase in data processing capabilities with respect to standard techniques
  • 30%-50% less power consumption with respect to standard techniques.
  • Accepts ONNX, TensorFlow and Caffe sequential models.

Klepsydra SDK in action: Data aggregation demo

  • This demo is about data aggregation in an environment where there are many sources of data and limited computer resources.In this particular case, the demo shows how to collect this data in a car and process it in an orderly manner. The sensors used are similar to those available in self-driving cars.


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