Klepsydra Technologies

High performance software for edge computing

What is the problem we want to solve? 


Edge computing refers to processing data in computers directly connected to sensors (e.g., small computers inside robots, drones, cars, IoT and satellites).  

There is a universal growing demand in all sectors to process more data on the edge because it guarantees real-time response and cyberattacks are less likely to occur on the edge. This is leading to big technical challenge: processing large volumes of data in very small devices is very problematic, making many applications to suffer from data losses and delays in processing critical information which in turn can cause different type of failures. Some examples are:

  • Self-driving car crashes 
  • Space mission failures 
  • Overheated robots and drones. 

While computers for the edge increase in power rapidly, the volume of data to process, increases much faster. 

Klepsydra Software
Klepsydra solves one of todays most demanding data processing problems.

What is Klepsydra’s solution?

Klepsydra is a Software Development Toolkit (SDK) and a suite of software libraries for edge computing. These offer a very innovative approach to the challenge of processing large volumes of data on the edge. Klepsydra has developed software products for edge computing applications providing up to 10 times faster data processing and AI on the edge with substantially less power consumption.

How we do it?

Klepsydra Software is a lightweight and high-performance computing software suite for data processing and Artificial Intelligence, compatible with most existing computers on the edge. Inspired by the fastest software in the market: high frequency trading, the software relies on very advanced multi-threading techniques to enable building high-performance space, aerospace, smart mobility and IoT applications.  

Klepsydra Technologies

Klepsydra SDK

Klepsydra software can optimise algorithms so they can run in small edge devices and for real-time applications. Klepsydra is compatible with most computers in the market.
Algorithms optimised with Klepsydra can process up to 10 times more data with a reduction in the processor power consumption, up to 75%


Klepsydra AI

Klepsydra AI is an AI inference engine solution that enables to run pre-trained AI/ML models on edge devices for real-time applications. Kepsydra  AI is compatible with most computers in the market. It can process up to 6 times more data with a reduction in the processor power consumption, up to 50%  compared with main market leaders.


Algorithm GPU Streaming

Klepsydra has developed a new software product for GPU programming called Klepsydra GPU streaming. Based on Klepsydra SDK, the occupancy problem (explained above) is solved very efficiently. Not only that but also is very easy to use. With a simple C++/CUDA, Klepsydra GPU Streaming is compatible with most NVIDIA boards.
The benchmarks of the solution applied to large matrix multiplications are outstanding and demonstrate that this new product is capable of increasing the performance of GPU algorithms by applying an intelligent approach to increase occupancy.


Robotic Toolkit

Klepsydra Robotic Toolkit is a suite of three plugins for robotics applications These plugins are ROS plugin, ROS2 plugin and OpenCV optimiser. The main benefits of these plugins are: – sensor data processing without losses, – reduce CPU power consumption, – minimal integration effort.


Dramatically faster and more accurate navigation for autonomous drones.


Optimised hardware for edge data processing in robotic applications.


Increase hardware performance for onboard data processing in spacecrafts and cubesats.


Embedded software for autonomous vehicles.