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High performance software for edge computing

What is the problem we want to solve? 

Edge computing involves processing data on devices that are directly connected to sensors, such as small computers inside robots, drones, cars, IoT devices, and satellites. The demand for processing more data on the edge is increasing across all sectors because it ensures real-time response and reduces the likelihood of cyberattacks.


However, this presents a significant technical challenge: processing large volumes of data on very small devices can result in data losses and delays in processing critical information, which can lead to failures in different applications. For instance, self-driving car crashes, space mission failures, and overheated robots and drones are some examples. While the computing power of edge devices is rapidly increasing, the volume of data to be processed is growing even faster.
Klepsydra Software
Klepsydra solves one of todays most demanding data processing problems.

What is Klepsydra’s solution?

Klepsydra is a cutting-edge Software Development Toolkit (SDK) and suite of software libraries designed specifically for edge computing. This innovative platform offers a unique solution to the challenge of processing large volumes of data on the edge. Klepsydra’s software products for edge computing applications provide exceptional performance, with up to 10 times faster data processing and AI capabilities on the edge compared to traditional approaches. Moreover, Klepsydra achieves this with substantially less power consumption, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for businesses and organisations.

How we do it?

Klepsydra Software is a state-of-the-art computing software suite designed for high- performance data processing and Artificial Intelligence applications on the edge. Our lightweight solution is compatible with most existing computers and offers exceptional speed and efficiency.
Inspired by the world of high-frequency trading, Klepsydra Software leverages advanced multi-threading techniques to enable the development of high-performance applications in areas such as space, aerospace, smart mobility, and IoT.


With Klepsydra Software, businesses and organizations can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to streamline data processing and enhance AI capabilities. Our software is designed to provide lightning-fast performance and superior efficiency, making it a top choice for businesses seeking a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.
Klepsydra Technologies

Klepsydra SDK

Klepsydra SDK is a powerful software tool that allows algorithms to be optimised for use in small edge devices and real-time applications. Compatible with a wide range of computers on the market, Klepsydra can significantly enhance the performance of algorithms by reducing processor power consumption while processing up to 10 times more data. This translates into a more efficient and cost-effective solution for data-intensive applications, with potential energy savings of up to 75%.


Klepsydra AI

Klepsydra AI is an advanced AI inference engine solution that enables running pre-trained AI/ML models on edge devices for real-time applications. It is compatible with most computers available in the market, making it a versatile option for a wide range of applications.

Klepsydra AI is designed to process up to six times more data than leading competitors, while reducing processor power consumption by up to 50%. This means that not only can it handle more data, but it does so more efficiently, making it an ideal solution for power-restricted environments.



Algorithm GPU Streaming

Klepsydra has recently launched a powerful software product for GPU programming called Klepsydra GPU Streaming. Built on the foundation of the Klepsydra SDK, this solution provides efficient and easy-to-use GPU programming capabilities. It is compatible with most NVIDIA boards.
With Klepsydra GPU Streaming, the occupancy problem is solved with remarkable efficiency. Its intelligent approach to increasing occupancy has led to outstanding benchmarks when applied to large matrix multiplications. In fact, the solution has been shown to significantly increase the performance of GPU algorithms.


Klepsydra GPU Streaming is programmed using a simple C++/CUDA interface, making it easy for developers to integrate it into their existing workflows. Overall, this solution provides a powerful and efficient tool for GPU programming that is accessible to a wide range of users.


Robotic Toolkit

The Klepsydra Robotic Toolkit is a powerful suite of three plugins designed specifically for robotics applications. These plugins include the ROS plugin, ROS2 plugin, and OpenCV optimiser. Each plugin provides unique benefits that help optimise robotics applications for
peak performance.


With the Klepsydra Robotic Toolkit, sensor data can be processed without losses, ensuring that critical information is never missed. Additionally, the toolkit is designed to reduce CPU power consumption, which is especially important in power-restricted environments. And with minimal integration effort required, the toolkit is easy to implement in existing robotics workflows.


The ROS plugin and ROS2 plugin are both designed to enhance the performance of robotics applications using the ROS framework. These plugins provide additional functionality and improved performance over the standard ROS implementation. Meanwhile, the OpenCV optimiser is specifically designed to optimise the performance of computer vision applications.



Dramatically faster and more accurate navigation for autonomous drones.


Optimised hardware for edge data processing in robotic applications.


Increase hardware performance for onboard data processing in spacecrafts and cubesats.


Embedded software for autonomous vehicles.