Index of videos about Klepsydra use cases, including AI, cubeSats, robotics and UAVs.


High performance Sensor Fusion With ROS and Klepsydra


In this demo, it is shown that by combining ROS with Klepsydra, clients can build better, faster and more stable solutions than without Klepsydra. Sensor fusion with ROS and Klepsydra can be done with a degree of reliability and performance that otherwise has not been seen before with ROS.

  • Combining ROS with Klepsydra, clients can build better, faster and more stable solutions
  • Reliability and performance never seen before

High throughput Earth Observation Solution based on CAN-Open Protocol


In this demo, it is shown the Earth Observation solution that Klepsydra offers for distributed computing in satellites. We show that our solution is not only very efficient in performance and stability, but is also a framework that is extremely easy to program with.

  • Distributed computing in satellites
  • Extremely easy to program with

Klepsydra High Performance Object Tracker


  • Teaser of Klepsydra people tracking for largely populated areas
  • Klepsydra High Performance tracker can track several streams in parallel.
  • Klepsydra High Performance tracker low CPU usage for multiple streams.
  • Traditional Artificial Intelligence consumes much up to 3 times more resources.
  • AI based solution with 96% accuracy

Presentation at the Real-Time Working Group (RTWG)


  • Presentation in depth about Klepsydra applied to Real-Time robotics
  • June 2020
collision avoidance

Another drone use case


  • Klepsydra interfacing with a superfast autopilot in Real-Time
  • Benchmarking study with ZMQ plug-in

Klepsydra IAC 2020 Paper presentation


  • A deterministic and high performance parallel data processing approach to increase guidance navigation and control robustness.