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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines or computer systems to exhibit human-like intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence for Space


Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in space exploration and research, enhancing our understanding of the universe and advancing space technology.

AI on the edge


Artificial intelligence (AI) has already been attracting the attention of deep tech investors for some years.  The reasons why are clear.  In its ‘Sizing The Prize’ analysis of artificial intelligence (AI), PwC forecast that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, with the ‘AI boost’ available to most national economies being approximately 26%.

Klepsydra AI Technology evaluation for Space Use


New generations of spacecrafts are required to perform tasks with an increased level of autonomy. Space exploration, Earth Observation, space robotics, etc. are all growing fields in Space that require more sensors and more computational power to perform these missions.



KAMnet online demo: AI-based onboard geolocalization based on visual sensors


Geolocation onboard Earth Observation satellite refers to the process of determining the precise location of a target on the Earth’s surface using data acquired by sensors onboard the satellite. This is typically done by comparing the position of the target in the image to the known location of reference points, such as landmarks, coastlines, or other features with known coordinates.

Klepsydra AI – ESA OBMark-ML online demo II: The Cloud Detection DNN


Cloud detection is a crucial process in Earth Observation used to identify and mask clouds in satellite imagery. This is necessary because clouds can obstruct the view of the Earth’s surface, making it difficult to accurately interpret and analyse the data.

Klepsydra AI online demo


This online demo shows Klepsydra AI in action and the power of our.algorithm to process datain real time. Specifically, this demo demonstrates the pose determination of an asteroid using artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Klepsydra AI in action
  • Demo January 2021


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