Data sheets

Klepsydra Data Sheet

Here you find the list of the data sheet of Klepsydra products:

High performance AI on the edge with low power consumption


  • Process up to 5x more data with AI
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Compatible with main providers of AI software

High performance software with low power consumption for robotics


  • Develop complex edge robotic applications easily with our high performance data processing module.
  • Friendly API and easy to use software that can speed up time to market.
collision avoidance

Collision avoidance


  • Real-time response.
  • Offering a waypoint and trajectory control interface in order to perform the trajectory desired by the mission control
Klepsydra Technologies autonomous vehicles

Real time and deterministic critical applications for autonomous vehicles


  • Process a huge amount of data that has to be processed in milliseconds.
  • Use machine learning¬†to process the data that comes from sensors.

High performance software with low power consumption for IoT devices


  • Toolkit for applications like edge IoT devices
  • Safety and reliability, cost reduction, scalability
klepsydra precision landing

Precision landing in tight spaces


  • Can be configured to perform different types of trajectories.
  • Works with different type of sensor data formats.