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Collision avoidance software

Overview of the product

Klepsydra Collision Avoidance is a fast-responsive and intelligent vision based on-board software. Firstly, it enables UAVs to perform vision-based navigation with autonomous drones. Secondly, this software product has the following features:

  • Artificial intelligence based computer vision for navigation
  • Real-time response.
  • Adaptable to several types of sensors.
  • Lightweight and can fit in CPU only on-board computers.
  • Compatible with main UAV autopilots and software frameworks.

Moreover, Klepsydra Collision Avoidance works standalone. Meanwhile, it offers a waypoint and trajectory control interface in order to perform the trajectory desired by the mission control.

Collision avoidance core benefits

Software with safety and reliability

Zero data losses. Above all, Klepsydra can guarantee that any sensor data or communications message is going to be processed.

Real-time processing. In addition, Klepsydra can process data in real time with much less latency than other solutions, like ROS.

Predictable applications. Finally, Klepsydra is more stable, predictable and deterministic than other edge solutions.

Feasible onboard collision avoidance

On the other hand, Klepsydra Collision Avoidance is lightweight and can be installed in virtually any onboard computer with or without GPU. Consequently, Klepsydra software reduces hardware costs.

Flexible and compatible software

Klepsydra Collision Avoidance can be used with a number of different sensors including:

  • RGB cameras
  • perception cameras,
  • LiDAR
  • RTK
  • Infrared cameras
  • Klepsydra is compatible with several frameworks and UAV technologies including:
  • MAVLink, PX4, MAVROS
  • ROS, Gazebo
  • Linux, OpenCV.

Klepsydra Collision Avoidance Software Diagram

Figure 1. Klepsydra Collision Avoidance Software Diagram.

To sum up, Klepsydra Software can be configured to perform different types of algorithms including AI and non-AI based. Moreover, it is extensible to work with different type of sensor data formats and can be tuned to fit in specific computing capabilities.

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