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Autonomous driving onboard software

Overview of Autonomous driving onboard software

Klepsydra offers a suite of software products for self-driving cars on-board processing with three main features:

  • Much faster data processing (2x to 8x times)
  • 25%-50% less power consumption
  • Can be used on different platforms.

Data volume challenges in self-driving cars

Today, even at lower levels of autonomy, connected cars generate around 25 Gigabytes of data per hour. And as more self-driving features appear inside connected cars, the architecture required to make it all possible will become increasingly complex. This directly correlates to the number of sensors needed for an autonomous system to operate.
As cars with higher autonomy levels are released to the market, cars need to handle substantially bigger amounts of data than ever before. Processing that data in a fast and seamless way is now and will continue to be one of the main challenges for car makers into the future.

Core benefits

The solution for autonomous driving onboard software

Klepsydra has developed an advanced autonomous driving software framework, providing best-in-class data processing performance whilst significantly reducing latency and power consumption. This software can be used standalone or combined with GPU. In either case, Klepsydra outperforms standard data processing solutions for edge computing, automotive and robotics.

The benefits

Safety. Klepsydra’s efficient data processing is not only able to process substantially more data, but also ensure that there are no sensor data losses, which is critical in order to ensure safety.

Scalability. Our software, as show in the figure below, is able to linearly process large volumes of data with low power consumption, therefore is able to absolve substantially more data than any other solution in the market.

Cost. Reduce cloud computing costs and hardware costs by using our on-board software.

  • Our technology

Written in C++11, our core software is general purpose in nature. It can be installed in a broad spectrum of on-board computers and operating systems. Klepsydra currently integrates with the main software solutions for automotive industry including CANBus, GPU, Linux, RTOS and MATLAB .


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