Sustainable software

#Klepsydra is environmentally friendly and we create sustainable software. In a recent research conducted by our team, it has been proven that the use of #Klepsydra brings about a reduction of 50% in the processor power consumption. These processors can be small, like the Raspberry PI4, with an average consumption of 5 W, or high, like server computers with a consumption of 150 W.

If #Klepsydra were deployed in 100,000 devices with small processors (robotics, IoT devices, etc.) and in 200 servers, carbon footprint would be reduced by 31 tons / year (or more) of CO2 emissions.

This is not enough to save the planet but, it would certainly help.

Sustainable Software

The concept of sustainability is based on three pillars: the ecological, the economical and the social. This means that for a software to be sustainable, we must take all of its effects – direct and indirect – on the environment, the economy and the society into account.