Rendezvous in space refers to the meeting of two objects where one of them has to either dock into the other, or capture it. We also talk about rendezvous when a spacecraft lands on an asteroid. These are high-risk operations that happen at vertiginous velocities.

Rendezvous are used in multiples cases:
– When the orbiting spacecraft needs to be repaired or upgraded.
– For space debris removal.
– Asteroid landing for scientific or mining purposes.

This difficult encounter cannot be done remotely. The loss, for example, of a few seconds in communication with Earth, could result in disaster. There is no other way but to do this process autonomously.

The hardware and the sensors technologies in autonomous vehicles are very complex. And so is the software involved in a rendezvous. Here is where Klepsydra finds its place; only a high-performance software solution is capable of the successful completion of the task.