Klepsydra ROS2 Demonstrates Exceptional Performance on Unibap’s iX10 Platform

Klepsydra ROS2, a highly advanced framework, has showcased outstanding performance capabilities on Unibap’s iX10 platform. As the interest in Space missions grows, Space-ROS, a Space-qualified variant of ROS 2, is gaining significant attention.

Recently, Klepsydra ROS2 underwent rigorous testing, utilising the reference-system benchmarks developed by the real-time work group. The results obtained from running these benchmarks on Unibap’s iX10 platform have demonstrated an impressive 40% improvement compared to vanilla Space-ROS2.

Klepsydra ROS 2 executor

Klepsydra Lock-free executor

To delve deeper into this remarkable achievement, a comprehensive paper focusing on this topic will be presented at the DASIA 2023 conference and the SMC/IT event. These platforms will provide an opportunity for experts and enthusiasts to explore the enhanced capabilities of Klepsydra ROS2 and its potential impact on the future of Space missions.

For more information, please visit the Space-ROS website and stay tuned for the upcoming events.