Klepsydra at the SmallSat Conference

This August after two years closed due to the pandemic, SmallSat called on companies from around the world in the space sector to meet again in Logan (Utah). Representing Klepsydra, Pablo and Isabel traveled the 8,500 kilometers between Zurich and this small peaceful city. Located at the foot of the Wasatch Range, the western edge of the greater Rocky Mountains, and the eastern edge of the Great Basin region, Logan has this grandiose nature that always surprises non-Americans. Thanks to some good recommendations, on the days off, some of us took a good walk through the mountains to the beautiful Wind Cave and an excursion to Bear Lake on the border with Idaho.

Upon arrival we encountered the friendliness of the people of Utah and the good organisation of this medium-size conference that takes place annually at the Utah State University. Students join the event creating a dynamic and youthful environment. Many of the non-technical conversations at the event revolved around the good quality of the plentiful food. As someone said: “Here they keep us well fed”. Breakfast, snacks, and lunches in the large white tents located on a campus meadow where all participants met every noon.

SmallSat Conference

The conference maintains a significant activity all the time. There were conversations and exchanges of ideas and business cards in an environment open to new technologies. This trade show is oriented to the new space, which is characterised by the use of commercial technologies to solve space challenges as opposed to the old space, in which only exclusive technologies of the sector are used. With great joy, we have confirmed the interest that Klepsydra is raising more and more. We have had many interesting meetings and promising conversations. Our company has taken a step forward after SmallSat Conference.

At the end of the conference, when the shuttle was driving us to the parking lot, a young woman said goodbye to “another conference”. Yes, one more conference that has ended, but in no case has it been just another conference. We all left replenished by its great energy.

Although Logan is far away, we intend to return.