High throughput space to space communications


With every space mission, more and more data is generated. The space communications networks must, therefore, continually be improved in order to process all this new information. In the adventure of space exploration, the challenges are often associated with communication, i.e. receiving data and responding adequately and in time. This entails greater data compression and new data coding schemes.

Until now, for monitoring and control, signals were sent to the Earth continuously. This approach has two major problems: first, long delays, caused due to going back and forth through the Earth, and second, the amount of information that can be sent is small.

One solution to this problem is the autonomous communication between satellites, without the obligatory passage to Earth. Klepsydra optimises these processes by absorbing the complexity of the communication between spacecrafts in a highly efficiently way. That allows for on-board applications to be built with great reliability and simplicity. Fatal mistakes can now be avoided, thanks to Klepsydra.