FAQ Klepsydra FAQ


Klepsydra is a software company which develops data processing solutions for real-time applications. It enables heavy data processing/CPU of 8x more data for 50% less energy. 

No, it does not. Klepsydra has developed high performance computing software for the edge computing sector.

Klepsydra solutions are agnostic to the data and, therefore, it can process data coming from any kind of sensor. The larger the amount of data, the betterthe performance .

Klepsydra is a software algorithm that processes data in parallel extremely efficiently using techniques coming from the financial industry.

Klepsydra has a plug-in into for ROS 2 Executor. It can run 10x faster with up to 50-70% less power consumption with this plug-in. Therefore, Klepsydra is not a competitor of ROS2, it is a compatible tool to accelerate data processing. 

Klepsydra’s main API is in C++11, but it has bindings to Node JS, C and Matlab.

Klepsydra needs three things in order to run in a computer:

  • First, an operating system, that can be Linux, RTMES or FreeRTOS
  • Secondly, a computer that supports atomic operations.
  • Finally, a C++11 compiler

Klepsydra works for CPU, ARM or x86 architectures. However, we have started development to run on both GPUs and FPGAs devices, which will be ready at the end of 2022.

Yes, Klepsydra has recently released Klepsydra AI. In short this is an inference engine solution which is able to run any kind of ML/AI algorithms on edge devices. It can process 2x-6x more data with up to 50% processor consumption compared with main market leaders.

Yes. Klepsydra can support, train and provide ad hoc ML algorithms related to object detection, vision navigation and computer vision.

Klepsydra sits on top of the operating system, like any other library. Consequently, you just use it for your own application.

Klepsydra low power consumption makes most computers running Klepsydra use less than half of the processing energy, which makes it very environmentally friendly. Besides, Klepsydra extends the life of computers reducing the need to manufacture more computers.

Installing Klepsydra is extremely easy and straightforward. Just follow the instructions in any of our tutorials, and in a matter of 20 minutes, you will have Klepsydra fully available in your computer.

Yes. Today more than ever, Klepsydra is needed for edge computing. The amount of data being produced on edge computing system is massive, not only are fantastic sensors and excellent communication systems, like 5G. They are all making the amount of data in the edge increasingly large, and only a tool like Klepsydra can help to process all the information in real time.