Cubesat data processing


Engineers are nowadays working in the launch of Cubesats and Nano-satellites all around the world. Cubesats are used in projects employing spacecraft technologies intending to save the cost of larger satellites.

Although the costs are reduced indeed, the lack of capacity of the Cubesats presents two major problems when competing with a satellite. On the one hand, the computational resources are quite limited, which prevents the accomplishment of more complex tasks. On the other hand, the communications with Earth are slow and energy consuming. The interruption or the lost of information can lead to fatal errors.


The technical develop of these Cubesats and Nano-satellites for the design, manufacture has been extraordinary. They are true works of art of engineering. That is why they deserve to be equipped with software that matches their quality and enables their behaviour as full-scale satellites.

The financial world has known for a long time that the optimization of the flow of data is essential. In the High Frequency Trading business, the purchases and sales in the exchange market depend critically on the speed of the transmission of the complete information. A few seconds can make a difference between millions in gains or losses.


Klepsydra does just that, optimises data flow management., no matter what kind of data, images, sensors or communications. And it does it using similar techniques as the financial tools mentioned above.

At first glance it may seem like a small achievement, but if we take a closer look, we will realize its potential and the opening doors that its implementation brings to areas such as space mining, space debris collection and satellite constellation.

With Klepsydra the future is now here.