Artificial Intelligence on the Edge raises 1 million chf investment

Artificial Intelligence on the Edge

Edge Artificial Intelligence is a combination of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

At Klepsydra, we develop high performance software for edge data processing applications in real time. Its unprecedented results can be applied today to all kinds of small computers that are found in thousands of devices used daily in sectors such as space, aerospace, automobiles, robotics, IoT, smart agriculture, medicine etc. We could say that Edge Artificial Intelligence has almost no limits when it comes to potential use cases.

Edge Computing Software Klepsydra rases 1 million chf investment

Led by Spicehaus Partners, a Swiss venture capital investor that focuses on early-stage companies in the technology sector, Klepsydra has also received funds from Serpentine Ventures, an advisor for swiss venture assets. However, several high-profile private investors have also participate in this round of investment.

The new funds will be used to further advance product development as well as for the certification of Klepsydra software for critical mission applications which will open the doors to a larger market.

Klepsydra has received the support of programmes such as ESA BIC, Venture Kick and Innosuisse

The founders of Klepsydra, Dr. Pablo Ghiglino and Isabel del Castillo are convinced that their unique software is essential to carry out successful automation projects and contribute to energy savings as well as CO2 reduction. Founded in December 2018, Klepsydra has received the support of programmes such as ESA BIC, Venture Kick and Innosuisse.

Just by means of software, Klepsydra’s solutions are capable of boosting data processing and Artificial Intelligence on the edge. The benefits are undeniable compared to standard edge computing solutions in the market: up to 8 times faster, up to 50-60% less power consumption in the processors and no data losses. Not only that, Klepsydra can be installed easily in the vast majority of current devices.

A prestigious market analysis predicts that 75% of enterprise-generated data will be “created and processed outside a traditional centralized data centre or cloud” by 2025. Another important market study forecasts that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. The demand for AI on the edge is exponentially growing in all sectors. Satellites for earth observations and telecoms, car navigation and collision avoidance in traffic, agricultural robotics, face recognition in smart phones etc.

“All these applications need real-time response and latency makes the “AI on the cloud” approach unworkable. Waiting for multiple seconds before being able to react to the stimuli could otherwise lead to catastrophic consequences. Solutions like Klepsydra are critical: better software is the most cost-efficient optimization and will make the difference between successful and failed projects”. – Pablo Ghiglino.